Who Do You Know?

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy blah, blah, blah, okay so what do we actually collect and then what do we do with that information?

All we really need is access to your list of Facebook friends. We get this by having you authorize our app when you click the login with Facebook button on the first screen. To get this list of your friends, we only need access to your “Basic Info” as Facebook puts it. This gives us access to your name, birthday, profile picture, and anything else that you’ve made public on your profile, but we don’t use or store any of that information except your friends list, nor do we have any plans to—this is just a game we made for fun!

Facebook’s authorization dialogue also states that “This app may post on your behalf, including friends you named, your high scores and more.” We won’t do that either. If you want to share your score and post to your wall, you can click the share buttons at the top or on the pause screen, but we leave that choice up to you.

If you check under the hood, you’ll see that we are collecting site metrics using Google Analytics, but we do not store or log any of your profile information or friends list. We’re just curious to see how many friends everyone is able to name, if you actually stick around to finish your game, and how many times people start a new game and resume that game. This helps us reconsider design and technical implementations to make things easier (and hopefully more enjoyable for you) in the future.

Cookies? Yeah, we use those too! Actually we use a combination of cookies and this new technology called Local Storage, which acts very much like a cookie (in that it only exists on your computer and can’t be accessed by any other websites besides this one), except it lets us store much larger sets of data, such as, say…a list of 200+ friends. This way, we can remember where you left off and don’t have to slow things down for you by downloading your friends list more than once.

If you’re super paranoid about cookies, by all means delete them or access this site using your browser’s privacy mode—just be aware that we won’t be able to resume where you left off should you return to the site.